LOOK OUT FOR: His fluidity of movement and especially his lateral movement across the T. He is a tactical genius and watch how he works points out.
Thierry is an ex-world No.1, a former world champion and one of the most respected players on the tour. Thierry loves coming over to England and winning our big titles. 2006 was a great year for him over here, winning the Canary Wharf final, the Liverpool Open and the English Open in Sheffield, and I am sure he would love to relive those moments.

He is a consummate player and an immaculate mover. He is very deliberate in the way he constructs his rallies and physically very strong – a bit of a beast. He will find that side of the game harder as he gets older but is keeping himself in good shape. He has the mental ability soak up pressure and still be involved throughout a match. All round, he is an amazing competitor.

His victory in the 2006 final here at Canary Wharf was well deserved. He beat Australian Anthony Ricketts in the final after gaining his first career victory over me in the semis.

Back home, he triumphed in the final of the 2009 French National championships, beating Gregory Gaultier in the final, to lift the trophy for a remarkable 11th time.

In January, Thierry was appointed an Olympic Athlete Ambassador to spearhead Squash’s bid to join the Olympic Games programme in 2016.

Current world ranking: 8
Highest: 1

Born: April 2, 1976 (Reunion Island).

Tour titles: 19 PSA titles including World Open, Super Series Finals, Hong Kong Open, Canadian Classic, Liverpool Open, ISS Canary Wharf Classic, English Open.

  Canary Wharf Record:  2007 Semis, 2006 Winner, 2005 Runner-up